Quintyne & Saunders

I always try to really get to know my voice students, both because I care about them deeply, and because I hope to open doors to ways that they may be able to develop their artistry that they may not have considered before.

In the Summer of 2020, during a conversation we were having just after George Floyd was murdered, I encouraged my long time student Susan Quintyne to start writing words–something, anything–as a means to explore her feelings and her history. The only requirement was that it would be done with no goals in mind, other than speaking truthfully and getting whatever it was that needed to be said down in writing.

That conversation and assignment quickly became profound weekly conversations between us about experiences in life that we both wished there were songs for, and writing the lyrics and tunes that our souls needed to hear. And that first assignment became a collaboration that led to the song “Fire Dance”, which you can hear below.

We discovered an unexpected affinity as a songwriting duo; as of this writing, in September 2022, just three of the songs have been produced and recorded with Susan singing, but we have over 20 more waiting in the wings to be produced and even more that we continue to work on beyond those. We are ecstatic about the results, and hope you will love them as well.

You can learn more about our work together and follow our releases on YouTube, Instagram, Susan’s Facebook Artist Page, and TikTok, they are also available on Spotify and Apple Music. We are @QuintyneAndSaunders

Quintyne & Saunders FIRE DANCE
Quintyne & Saunders FILTERS
Quintyne & Saunders HIDDEN PLACES