Exploring Communication Through Song, Breath, Voice, and Mindset

In July 2023 I presented in San Diego the first of what I hope to be a recurring workshop, Exploring Communication Through Song, Breath, Voice, and Mindset.

If this is something you would like to consider presenting with your group, or you would like to know when I will be presenting it again in the future, please reach out to me at elizabethvoice at gmail dot com and I will be happy to share more about it with you and see what we can arrange for you.

Using Meisner based acting exercises, Anthony Braxton’s improvisational Ghost Trance Music, and specially selected breath and vocal exercises, this was a four day workshop (3 1/2 hours per day) for non-musicians and musicians on vocal communication wherein different aspects of vocal and non-vocal communication were targeted by each activity:

  • Social conditioning (noticing and repatterning maladaptive beliefs and behaviors with regard to communicating one’s thoughts and feelings)
  • Maintaining connection to oneself while remaining present and responsive to another
  • The stability and flexibility of the vocal instrument (to maintain strength and responsiveness when in potentially intimidating, threatening or emotional circumstances) and
  • Learning to identify, trust, and act on one’s healthy instincts.

More thoughts on the workshop from participants are forthcoming, but here are some words about it from one of the participants:

The “Exploring Communication Through Song, Breath, Voice, and Mindset” workshop brought together highly curious people in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with varied levels of [musical] experience. Each person was excited about daily accomplishments and looked forward to the exercises to be presented the following day. Changes were dramatic from the first day to the end of day four.

Elizabeth is an excellent coach and presenter. She is knowledgeable, gives clear instructions, is open to questions, and is respectful and encouraging. She gently took the participants where they were and helped us each make adjustments to come closer to the goal. Elizabeth clearly loves what she has learned and desires to share her joy and knowledge with others.

I was amazed by the bond of trust that formed within the group and with Elizabeth as we worked diligently to experience the exercises fully. Through plenty of laughter and happy tears, I became a better listener and better able to express myself. I found myself smiling while returning home on the last evening. Elizabeth provided an atmosphere of freedom to welcome these new skills and to apply them to daily life and our place in the community. -Betty C. July 2023 Workshop Participant