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Coming soon! Feature Film – 1 Angry Black Man (in the role of “Ellen”)

  • 2018 Winner, Jury Prize, Best Feature Film, Baltimore International Black Film Festival
  • 2018 Winner, Jury Award, Best Feature Film, Gary International Black Film Festival
  • 2018 Winner, Jury Prize, Best Feature Film, BlackStar Film Festival
  • 2018 Winner, Honorable Mention, Best Feature Film, UrbanWorld Film Festival

Feature Film – Noah Wise

Trillium J Binder shot cropped


2019: GTM (Syntax) 2017 by Anthony Braxton BUY

“…a rush, a puzzle, a submersion into mind-altering wave forms…an intoxicating listen, recalling most closely Luciano Berio’s work with The Swingle Singers. In other words, avant garde mastery.” -The Wire Magazine

CD/Blu-Ray DVD Release of Anthony Braxton’s Trillium J: The Non-Unconfessionables BUY

Trillium E: Wallingford’s Polarity Gambit (Singing Role of Alva) by Anthony Braxton BUY

Syntactical Ghost Trance Music by Anthony Braxton BUY

Seasons in Hell (Singing Role of Mme Rimbaud) by Harold Blumenfeld BUY

The Three Tenors, Live from Dodger Stadium BUY CD BUY DVD


Beaches (On camera octet vocalist)concepcion

The Three Tenors Live From Dodger Stadium (Ensemble Vocalist for the Pop Opera Mega Event)

Nightmare on Elm Street “New Nightmare” (Studio Vocalist)

Friday the 13th Part 7: New Blood (Studio Vocalist)

Silence of the Hams (High note stunt singer for Charlene Tilton)

Delta of Venus (Studio Vocalist)

ABC Movie: Liberace (Studio Vocalist)