Beyond the Fourth Wall

29 October 2015:

Earlier this year I teamed up with German director, producer, and dramaturg Dirk Schattner to establish the production organisation “Beyond the Fourth Wall”, to bring new visions of established classical vocal works to the stage.

We are currently in rehearsal for Schubert’s masterwork “Die Winterreise“. Our gritty, unconventional offering breaks with the tradition of presenting this work as a song cycle for solo recital, instead combining one male and one female soloist and an actress, with additional texts translated from Kafka, Heiner Müller, and Brecht, through an American backdrop. American theatregoers will see uniquely American characters struggle with the experiences of loss and longing while hearing song and text from European masters. Tenor Vince Vincent and actress Kristen Doscher join me under Dirk’s artistic direction. Performed in German and English, with English translations projected behind the singers.